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Wireless Agreement - Avant Wireless, LLC


The undersigned "Customer" agrees to contract for the provision of wireless Internet service by Avant Wireless LLC. (Avant) in the manner herein set forth and agrees to one of the following three options: purchase outright, to lease toward purchase, or to pay for full install , the herein described customer premises equipment to be used in connection with the provision of wireless internet service as indicated below:


Typical Residential service is $49.95/month and $200 Installation fee

1 Install Rate

Your Choice

Basic One-time Installation

$200 standard residential + $50 for distance more than 1/2 hour from Reno Airport

$250-$400 for special/business installations, $250 typical

  • If customer purchases equipment ( not recommended* ) installation is free

  • If customer purchases equipment monthly, one time installation fee is $75

  • Beyond Basic Installation contact us for details


2 Equipment Purchase Price ( Not Recommended* )

  • Radio, antenna, power supply and cable

    $249.99 + tax


3 Equipment Lease Price ( Not Recommended )

  • Radio, antenna, power supply and cable

    $27 + tax for 12 months


    Choose Only One of the above 3 options

Monthly Service Fees (Residential) this is guaranteed rate, speed will typically burst around Max speed for non-continuous usage. Continuous usages such as streaming video and network backups will limit speeds below max speed. Speeds vary in different service areas

1. 1 megabit/sec min rate - 10-60 megabits/sec Max

  • $49.95/month

  • $75/month HD streaming video


2. 1 megabit/sec min rate - 10-60 megabits/sec Max

  • $75/month


Monthly Service Fees (Business) this is guaranteed rate, speed will typically be around Max speed for non-continuous usage, continuous usages are network backup and streaming video, they will limit max speed.

1. 1 megabit/sec min rate - 10-60 megabits/sec Max

  • $80/month Maximum of 8 computer systems at location


2. 2 megabits/sec min rate - 20-60 megabits/sec Max

  • $125/month Maximum of 15 computer systems at location


3. 2 megabits/sec min rate - 20-60 megabits/sec Max

  • $ set by usage for over 15 computer systems at location


*We do not recommend customer purchase or lease of equipment as the customer will be liable for equipment failure after 3 months. The option is provided for customers who have special requirements for ownership of equipment on their property

**Continuous usage is typically streaming video, network backups, camera systems, more than 4 Gigabyte downloads of operating systems or video games. Web browsing and other regular usage will not generate continuous usage.

Services Offered and Included

2 email accounts

We recommend Gmail for all email accounts and will set them up for you

IP Address

1. Each account includes 1 private IP address which is translated to a group Public IP by Network Address Translation

2. Each additional such private IP address is $1 per month

3. Each Public IP address is $5 per month and is also mapped by Carrier Grade NAT

Help Desk Mon - Fri 8:00 am to 8:00 pm / Sat 10:00 am to 4:00 pm PST Avant reserves the right to change Help Desk hours.

Condition of Service and Lease

1) Upon satisfaction of the payment terms for equipment, the customer shall own the equipment.

2) Manufacturer warranty on the equipment applies. Thereafter, repair shall be at the expense of the customer (parts and labor). Avant will support the equipment as long as feasible, based on availability of parts and technology obsolescence.

3) If customer wishes to make monthly payments on the equipment, the customer, by signing this agreement, commits to an 18-month service contract. If customer purchases equipment, a 30-day contract period applies. If service is discontinued by the customer prior to the contract period, customer will pay remainder of term amount for service, and, if applicable, the equipment.

4) Equipment ownership shall remain with Avant until final payment is made. In case of customer default of agreement terms, customer shall return equipment to Avant in good condition, normal wear and tear expected, or be responsible for full purchase price.

5) Taxes or other fees of regulatory bodies are not included in this agreement, but shall be assessed, if required by such bodies.

6) All customers shall adhere to Avant's Acceptable Use Policy.

7) Customer assumes all risk of loss and damage to the equipment form any cause. No loss or damage to the equipment will impair any obligations of customer under this agreement, which will continue in full force and effect. In the event of loss or damage to the equipment during the lease period, customer, at the option of Avant, shall:
a. Place the equipment in good repair; or
b. Replace the equipment with like equipment in for repair, which equipment shall become subject to this agreement; or
c. Pay Avant in cash the fair market value for such equipment or a stipulated loss value as agreed to by Avant and customer.
d. Customer, at customer's expense, shall keep the equipment insured for such risk and in such amounts as Avant shall require and name Avant as "Loss Payee" under such policy of insurance.

8) Customer shall indemnify and hold Avant harmless from any and all claims, actions, proceeding, costs, damages, and liabilities, including attorney's fees, arising out of, connected with or resulting from use of the equipment or service.

9) If signal quality cannot be established upon installation, customer shall not be bound by this agreement.

Accepted and Agreed to:

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Company Name _________________________________________
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Phone Number __________________________________________
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